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  1. When I read the first Dorinda book I had not realized it was tied to the Cassie Palmer bo..oko.nsw I have both series so I'm planning to start over – just need to find the time:)

  2. This movie taught me everythinng I ever needed to know about the ZOG machine, the jigaboo plague, them fuckin pepper bellys, how the zipper heads will eat my pets, and how those sand monkeys hate Jesus. I’m well adjusted.

  3. / Y estoy totalmente de acuerdo, sinceramente, y creo que ya te lo he dicho, me sorprende como puedes tratar tan naturalmente a cualquier tipo de persona viniendo de donde venga y sea como sea (y cuando digo tratar digo tambien convivir ) Tienes un don que muchos envidiarían y es saber estar en cada momento sabiendo quien eres, y sí creo que gran parte de eso lo adquiriste en el ejército. Me das envidia!! al menos tienes los valores claros

  4. camilla… i haven’t been online as much lately, but i was on flickr just now and … without trying i completely understood what your painting was expressing… what an overwhelming, engulfing feeling. this nonverbal language is so powerful and you seem to speak it so clearly to me!

  5. Hola, soy una chica española que este mes tiene previsto viajar a viena para estudiar Alemán, pero la busqueda de piso/habitación y alojamiento en general me está resultando muy complicada, si alguien pudiera echarme una mano o tiene algun conocido o sabe de alguien que busque compañera por favor que contacte conmigo. Gracias.

  6. into thinking my body would feel sick if I ate a certain sweet or a certain sugar or a certain piece of dairy (cheese). I got obsessed with each pound that would come off, until a teacher knocked some sense into me. I looked in the mirror and finally just one day said “Libs, you are beautiful…stop checking the scale…stop comparing yourself…just believe in beauty.” And since then, that’s what I have done, indulging when I want…because indulging is good too sometimes–and it doesn’t hurt if it makes you happy

  7. hmmmmm, is that why one of the GREATEST guitars players hired miles kennedy(alter bridges singer) to replace AXEL ROSE! yeah just because he isnt screaming his head off down the mic doesnt mean hes terrible. i think hes awsome.

  8. Bob, if you’re speaking as one of the “other 99.9%” then more of you need to speak up. You are the only one so far who has told me that you don’t get it, so right now you represent to me only .1%. Tell me what has confused you, and I will try to explain it better.

  9. 009å¹´10月11æ—¥ 星期日 下午10:24 匿名:我就係想探討下基督教當中果種「神的使者、潔靈的人生」呢類課題,因為我覺得好奇怪,我以前工作上可以巧合、或「神的安排???」,和我投契的同事大不乏基督徒,但他/她們並非要經常掛口唇邊「我是基督徒….愛的世界…聖潔乜乜七七」咁嘅,相反,我以前認識的教徒同事,係好強調包容非教徒嘅人,但在外界常聽見嘅就係基督徒非常「排外」,所以我想認真探討一下。我以前的職業是傳媒,和任何宗教都無關系,所以我以前的同事,不會涉及大家同在宗教性質機構工作所以態度特別好的因素。……

  10. Some brutal truth out there, Brian Sir:‘It requires food and drink—material values—in order to produce a material value, as if the sandwiches, apples and coffee were blended with my vision, and all these together were transformed into a painting. Oh, why can’t mental creation be free of the need for food?’I wish it were free.

  11. Disfrute este post tanto como usted disfrutó su viaje.Yo no sabía lo de "vaquitas de San Antonio" el nombre más exótico que les conocía era "Catarinas". Siempre se aprende algo nuevo.Amo andar en bici, cuando niña, mis papás sobreprotectores me dejaban pasear ida y vuelta sobre mi calle (de esquina a esquina sin bajarme de la banqueta) Bici de 4 llantas. Ahora, a mis 21 años me fui a un parque a enseñarme a andar en bici "normalita" y lo he hecho 3 veces. ¡¡¡AMO ESA SENSACION!!! =)Hermosisímas fotos.

  12. Bonjour Antoine,J’adore ! Mille merci pour ces moments partagés pétillants !Alors j’ose !A l’heure où l’on parle de Tricothé à tout va… que le tricot est encore mieux que le chocolat… destressant…J’avais imaginé leBob-Knit-sleign !(mamie acariatre embarquée sur un Bobsleigh ! attention au virage dangeureux !)Je continue d’y réfléchir ! belle journée et merci

  13. This is a bigger game because the UT game has already occurred. At the time, they could win the UT game, but still miss out on the National Championship Game by losing. Now, they win this one, they are in. The rewards of victory are much higher now, though the penalty of defeat is the same.

  14. that most females who don’t think Beyonce is pretty or whatever are older females umm I know a lot of young beautiful girls who don’t like Beyonce or thinks she’s pretty. And mostly when someone dosen’t like her trust it has nothing to do with her looks.

  15. I was just doing some surfing on my Blackberry during my break at work , and I came across something I thought was intriguing. It was linked to your website so I jumped over. I can’t really find the relevance between your site and the one I came from, but your site is good none the less .

  16. Rachel Madcow's disease has infected America, and the once great nation deserves what it gets from the first Christian/Muslim Oxymoron President… Massive Expansion of USDebt and S&P Debt Downgrade is a pivotal point in the CONTROLLED DEMOLITION OF AMERICA by this illegal alien in our White House… Get him out now, or forget about it all and watch a once great nation burn."Never waste a good crisis." – An Administration

  17. Apreciez comentariul,umorul si finetea observatiei. O remarca pt final. Si intelectualul ca si popa are nevoie de cutia milei ca sa traiasca. De fapt au doua(cutii) una la guvern(ambii sunt platiti de stat,majoritatea cam prost) iar alta in biserica unde fiecare e platit dupa har. Asa ca nu mor de foame,dar se uita peste gard si sunt pizmasi.

  18. ne vous inquiétez pas pour Israël qui a le plus grand soutien des États Unis…. D ici quelques temps vous vous rendrez compte que ces attaques régionales traverseront beaucoup de frontières

  19. Are you going to … Are you going to appeal, many of the local judges are on the take. We need to make sure they get voted out of office, we need to get attorneys who are pro home owner onto the bench. Was this answer helpful?

  20. Abolition du mariage ? Vous déraillez totalement ! Le mariage est un contrat civil entre deux individus, qu’ils soient de sexe différent ou de même sexe n’a aucune incidence. Il faut juste que Loi et dictionnaire s’adaptent à la réalité. Toute autre conception du mariage est une conception idéologique ou religieuse. Heureusement la vie est plus ouverte !

  21. Poppy Schuyler was an incredible man with an incredible daughter, the indefatigable Joy Walker, English teacher-extraordinaire at Staples! My check is in the mail to honor this marvelous man and his family…Dan, thank you for this.

  22. Worgen Fury Warrior – just imagine a seven-feet-tall werewolf in plate with Titan’s Grip with a roar of "For the Alliance!" coming at you^^ Gotta love it. But I’m also very curious about the Worgen Druid forms so I might consider rolling a Druid as well.

  23. ze niewielu czytelnikow komentuje pod tekstami z serii ‚Do przeczytania’ dlatego mam propozycje by wykorzystac te wpisy do wszelkich wolnych dyskusji jesli oczywiscie nikomu nie nasuna sie ciekawe mysli po przeczytaniu jednego z linkowanych tekstow.Ja sam moglbym napisac tekst na podstawie kazdego z tych artykulow, niestety nie o wszystkim moge pisac (czas!), wiec czesc tematow przemycam za pomoca ‚Do przeczytania’.

  24. it! i hate the long process of it all but what's my go-to gift? a quilt. do i make baby clothes or bibs instead? nope. quilt. my friend is buying a house. yup, made her a quilt! a FB friend, (someone i don't even know in person) tells me she lost her grandma's quilts to hurricane katrina. yup, she's getting a quilt too. the hubby has a teeny, sloppily pieced, quilt i made him 6 years ago that he can't even fit under and jerrett doesn't even have one at all! guess what their christmas will be this year?

  25. I have been using Mint for the past couple of maonths and I absolutely love it. It sends me an email every Saturday or Sunday with the weeks spending and alerts. Great app.

  26. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to this fantastic blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will share this blog with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

  27. in toto, quoto.No quel libro di Savinio non l’ho letto! Ma anch’io sono europeista; purtroppo finora è l’Europa degli egoismi…bisognerebbe che tutti sapessero com’è stata l’Europa disunita e in guerra. A questo penso, senza voler gettare olio (soprattutto quest’olio!) sul fuoco…

  28. Is that anger you speak of Sandy prominent in the parts of Ontario that didn’t get rid of Dalton last election? Nothing too much has changed in rural Ontario….no Liberal or NDP will be re-elected here any time soon. Of that I’m certain. Any job action by teacher unions will prove to be the stupidest PR move EVER by the union brain-trust. If that’s the wedge then let it happen because I’m pretty confident in letting the public settle the union vs. government score once and for all. I predict if that happens the outcome will be a bad one for both union leaders and Dalton McGuinty.20d6

  29. x (149)-I think the easy money is yet to come in SKF. Wait till JPM, C, BAC, WFC, WM’s next earnings.I think we’re on the edge of seeing the inverse of the Law of Large Numbers. Now, tiny moves in actual dollars on these issues will equal huge percentage losses (or gains, for those short).All disclaimers. In seventh grade, I also thought sniffing glue was a novel idea.

  30. Hi, I wanted to ask about submitting designs to Thunderlily and those designs are also submitted in other competitions. Sometimes as a designer, you want to have a wide spread audience. What’s allowed?

  31. Este juego es el que os comentaba que realizo en ocasiones cuando no tengo material encima. No este juego en si, si no el original, el de David Blaine, que como dice Andrea tiene cierta probabilidad de fallo, pero en el 90% de las veces cuando funciona la reacción en el público es enorme, les acabas de leer la mente.Es buena idea de Oberon quitar el fallo al juego de Blain….me imagino un poco como puede ser, me pondré a trabajar en mi propia idea Un saludo

  32. No snow here. And like you, I have a perfectionist streak that my son has inherited. And I’m not sure it’s a good thing. Because like a heavy snow storm, perfectionism can be paralyzing.

  33. I somehow felt the hurt behind that comment. Wow! I can’t imagine my mother waiting those words to me. Please do what you can or seek help to move on from this. Don’t let that moment define the rest of your life.

  34. Apoyo a Luis 100%, por ejemplo “El Sr. de los anillos” en casa pierde una barbaridad, tengo todas las ediciones de coleccionista y lo bueno son el metraje adicional pero en cuanto a la película y lo que me trnasmitió en el cine no hay color….perooo no se puede aplicar a todo el cine, lástima.Tomeu00podcast

  35. Mada cred ca la urmatorul concurs ar fi drept pentru toata lumea sa nu se faca conversatie la postari .Pentru asta adaugi un chat si acolo se poate vorbi oricat.Daca vor mai multe comentarii lasate de aceeasi persoana la o anumita postare si continutul este aproximativ acelasi ar trebui luat in considerare decat un singur coment.Asa fiecare ar comenta non stop ca sa castige.Sper sa nu supar pe nimeni cu parerea mea,insa cred ca asa este corect.Felicitari Mada pentru blog.

  36. We did a girls ride on this trail today – it was a great next step for us as we’ve been riding the race course and were ready for a little extra climb and distance. We did the trail clockwise – coming down Baileys was steep in places – some tree roots and loose gypsum dirt, but after that the singletrack was really fun.

  37. JA,Also, I suspect that many people, even if they would accept some human biodiversity in “physical” traits, draw the line at the neck. Jason Malloy of GNXP has called this the “Gould Delusion.”Of course this has no basis in reason. It is rooted in humanist dualism. But dualism is a very natural way to think, and besides the whole subject is so distasteful that it doesn’t have to withstand very much scrutiny. does a good job of unraveling the mental versus physical issue. (The whole essay is great.)

  38. معلومات جيدة و ممتازة، أتمني لهم كل التوفيق و ان تبدأ مشاريع جديدة مثل هذه التي ستسحب البساط من تحت وكلاء الاعلام الهابطشكرًا

  39. This is actually the second shaved asparagus recipe I found in my google reader today. Guess I am seeing a trend. I just love the sound of it because it sounds so elegant and unusual.

  40. P.S. As my point, I see most of these bloggers are men, who have far less potilical influence than even blacks! No? Who were the primary voters for this promised "fundamental transformation of government," into Marxism(Anti-Christ by definition) and Obama, the forbidden foreigner(Deuteronomy 17:15) and self-professed Anti-Christ(Marxist), but our women, the more verbally receptive of our species! Duh! Watch! After all, it will be "men" killed, not they! No? Tell me that again next November, 2012!

  41. I can’t quite recall if I’ve ever had ‘sidebar droop’ in FF. Someone in my family I think it was told me about the look in I.E., wondering why I’d changed the layout. That’s when I started adding the height/width attributes to all images and I *think* also some caveat css code (someone told me) that limited the image width on the main page with respect to the sidebar…or some such palaver. I also have some memory about javascript wreaking havoc in I.E. – that may just have been fixed with some separation [p] or [br] tags in the sidebar between thingamadoodles.

  42. LOL!!! Geez! I seriously had to make them leave because that’s all he did! He had the thought bubble of being a knowledge sim(I forgot how hard it is to make sure I don’t get the plumbbob and thought bubbles in pictures) and then he’d burst into tears!*shakes head*

  43. A perfect example of the crazy Obamacare regulations: I own a pharmacy and have a hospice as a client. The hospice asked for some advice on compliance and reimbursement issues – easy questions to answer for us. Unfortunately, I had to tell them that we couldn't help them…neither for free nor for pay because doing so would violate the Medicare Waste, Fraud and Abuse statutes. They weren't very happy. Laws like this are absolutely ridiculous and we must navigate this nonsense every day.

  44. Meine müssen mit drei-einhalb Sprachen klarkommen, was prima klappt. Tags halb chinesisch, halb englisch, abends deutsch und chinesisch. Und bei Oma und Opa taiwanesisch. Die verbreitete Angst, die Kinder würden durcheinander kommen, ist totaler Quatsch. Inzwischen macht es ihnen Spaß, in Geschäften was einfaches zu übersetzen. Gibt immer Kulleraugen bei den Verkäuferinnen. Und Mama lernt jetzt feste Deutsch, weil sie nicht ertragen kann, nicht zu wissen, was wir mir die Kinder erzählen.

  45. Hi Mark,You’re welcome. Good luck on Wednesday mate. My thoughts will be with you and Caden. I’m looking forward to you being back on WUBT in the run up to Christmas if you have time. Take care and give my best wishes to Caden.  

  46. till exempel när elever ska fördelas till skolor. Roth forskning har till exempel legat till grund Jonas blogginlägg om den skolvalsmekanism som Stockholms kommun införde för några år sedan. Inlägget lyfter

  47. This is one of the things that makes your site so valuable. Thank you again to all the translators out there that are willing to spend so much time to make us one community. Half of what I read on this site is translated by one of your intrepid volunteers into English. It is very good to know that they can also put the paddles “in reverse” and let the rest of the western world know what is happening.You can’t imagine my appreciation of your willingness to unlock to me the media from the rest of the western world.

  48. Era un mos in tramvaiu 11(pe vremea cand locuiam impreuna eu si florentina:) )care ma ingrozea..il vedeam in fiecare zi, avea un palton de dimie, cum ar zice bunica-mea, vechi si rupt…si un baston..cu ala mai altoia cate un calator care nu vroia sa-i dea bani..si dupa ce facea turul tramvaiului, cand termina, incepea sa injure,ca nu-i da lumea bani..pe bune, mie imi era frica.

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  50. dit :Et si les gardiens de prisons étaient de mèche avec les autres détenus? Et si nos institutions mettaient un peut plus de rigueur dans les comportements de certains Barrons ( le laisser aller de certaines situations????) Et si la famille avait une part de responsabilité??? autant d’interrogation qui ne mène malheureusement nul part… Alors tenons-nous à la justice de Dieu et gardons la foi.

  51. Szólniuk kellett volna 2-3 héttel elÅ‘re,hogy mindenki le tudja tölteni még a neki kellÅ‘t. Az nem az oldalt minÅ‘sítette,hogy /citric/ “Normális helyeken mindenféle destruktív mocsok feltöltése tiltva van” Szabadságot adott pl:nekem nincs egy ilyen letöltésem sem de másoknak jól jöhet.Ki ítél?

  52. Songbird 1.1, recientemente lanzado, ya tiene un problema. Y uno no menor: al parecer hay problemas de incompatibilidad con el addon para iPod, que produce el nada deseable efecto de eliminar por completo toda la música del reproductor de Apple.

  53. Hej Gitte,Har netop fundet din blog, og sÃ¥ du har syet et sæt undertøj i voksenstr. med mønster fra Ingelise. Har længe ledt efter et ordenligt mønster, og dit ser rigtig godt ud. Vil du dele hvilket nr. det er fra?Du laver i øvrigt nogle lækre ting. Glæder mig til at følge dig fremover. :-)Kh. Tine – detbedstejegved.blogspot.com

  54. Thats a good way to put it. It’s not carbs that people really need to cut, it’s processed carbs with sugar that need to be cut. I know how much better I feel when I eat oats and fruit and sweet potatoes versus something in a wrapper!

  55. Men vad du skriver bra, Bitte!!! <3Jag har sagt det förut..men behöver säga det igen…man blir alldeles varmHoppas att du orkar vara ifrÃ¥n dina gullvippor i oktober en helg..sÃ¥ vi fÃ¥r rÃ¥ om dig ett par da´r ocksÃ¥…Kramar frÃ¥n ett liiiiite höstigare Uppsala…

  56. Drew, it’s not too complicated. Come by and see if there’s room on the list, and give me your request. I draw it on 11×14 bristol and you pay when you pick it up.Sorry for not responding sooner. It’s a madhouse here.

  57. That is the fitting blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize a lot its virtually exhausting to argue with you (not that I really would need…HaHa). You undoubtedly put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, simply great!

  58. 1. Return to Monetary Sovereignty by re-adopting their sovereign currencies is the better option for Greece considering it will get its democracy back. In the meantime the Euro-zone will have to do a fair amount of debt forgiveness.If austerity becomes more virulent in USA, even California might have to think along similar lines.

  59. You can mock all you want both people are terribly impressive and greatly needed by many. Miss Oprah is a saint. Obama is messiah. You think that's a joke? These people lay down their very lives for the American public and for some of us, this is very very real.You need to have your head examined Knish because what Obama and Oprah do for America is priceless.

  60. I must have been on the right wavelength for a Jay puzzle today as I found this a two-stopper at most (even 13a was clear from the wordplay) – left me with plenty of time for Le Toughie. Many thanks to Jay for an enjoyable puzzle and to BD for the notes. Favourite clue was 18d.

  61. Jauh sih, tapi kita bisa sewa sepeda, sepeda motor, dan bahkan sepeda kayuh yang mirip becak dan dapat dinaiki empat orang. Soal harga sewa sepeda, sepeda motor dan “becak kayuh” itu saya nggak tau karena nggak tanya-tanya.Emang dari awal saya nggak niat buat sewa-sewa kendaraan dan niatnya jalan-jalan doang…

  62. La de Cascioli me pegó re mal. Un par de días antes vi una entrevista que le hizo Hogue, un caricaturista de acá, y recordé los buenos tiempos en que leía las revistas a escondidas de mis viejos, a la hora de la siesta.Qué bronca, Dios se está haciendo la tal fiesta y se los lleva de a montones. Desde el negro Fontanarrosa a estas fechas, parece que los elige a propósito.

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